PEScience Versalyte Hydration + Electrolytes

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The Versatile Electrolyte Powder | Whether you are wanting intra-training hydration or just looking for a tasty way to hydrate better throughout the day, Versalyte comes in clutch. Rather than making an electrolyte powder that is 90% overpriced table salt like most products out there, we focused on the important electrolytes for muscle function, contraction, and hydration. Additionally, we include a full serving of tart cherry juice powder for its powerful antioxidant potential and benefits on muscle function.


Versalyte Benefits



We all know hydration is key. Sometimes drinking enough water in the day is tough. We make it easier by giving two refreshing & tasty electrolyte flavors to add to your water. More water = more hydration. More electrolytes = better hydration.


Most electrolyte powders are largely flavored table salt. Just look at the sodium content on them! Versalyte is focused on more expensive electrolytes, like magnesium and calcium, which are crucial for muscle function and contraction. Versalyte is the muscle-focused electrolyte.

Sugar Free

Unlike sports drinks, Versalyte is sugar free. Unless you are performing very intense physical or endurance training (1+ hours), sugar is not necessary for rehydrating and replenishing. Should you be in that intense crowd, add one scoop of VersaCARB to your Versalyte.

Hydration matters.

• A 2003 study in men showed that acute hypo-osmolality (high hydration) resulted in better fat loss, and better muscle retention. The study concluded that occurs from fat cells which are saturated with water release fat more easily (to be burned as fuel), and muscle cells saturated with water save protein more easily. [PMID:14681716]


• A 2018 study in soccer players shows that mild dehydration led to a greater increase in cortisol levels. [PMID:30319450]


• A 2008 study in strength training individuals showed that dehydration resulted in an extra-high cortisol peak after strength training and a reduced, but not statistically significant release of testosterone and growth hormone. [PMID:18617629]


• A 2001 study showed that drinking water (staying hydrated) during cardio results in better growth hormone response. [PMID:11581003]