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Muscle building and recovery is a 24-hour process, which means you can’t just focus on your post-workout whey protein shake or your favorite pre workout meal.

In order to effectively rebuild and grow, your muscles must have enough protein throughout the day (and night).

We won’t argue with the fact that whey protein is king among protein powders…hell we sell whey protein powders!

BUT, whey isn’t the be-all, end-all of muscle growth.

Just like you can’t only bench to build an impressive physique (yes, we can hear a collective groan from the gym bro, bench bosses out there), you can’t rely on just one protein source to fulfill your body’s needs. Your body thrives when there’s variety, not only in your exercise program, but also your diet.

Whey protein is ideal immediately pre-workout or post-workout to provide a rapid infusion of highly bioavailable protein to your muscles that stimulate muscle recovery and halt muscle breakdown. But, its greatest strength is also a limitation -- plasma amino acid levels return to baseline ~3 hours after consuming whey protein.[1]

This can result in a rather long window (e.g. while your sleeping) when your muscles aren’t receiving the nutrition they need to repair, recover, and GROW!

Fortunately, whey has a sibling that excels where it doesn’t -- CASEIN.

Casein is the major protein in milk that digests much, much slower than whey (over 7 hours!).[1]

This makes casein an ideal source of protein before bed.

As an added benefit, casein delivers a thick, creamy texture, making it a choice dessert-like, pre-bed snack!

Apollon CASEIN delivers 25 grams of slow-digesting casein protein per serving to support long-lasting muscle recovery. AND, due to casein’s natural thickening properties, it delivers an ultra-rich and creamy texture (just like a real milkshake!).

Apollon CASEIN is cold-processed to preserve essential amino acids and key nutrients, offering unparalleled quality, purity, and potency. CASEIN is ideal between meals to support recovery and combat hunger and as a pre-bed snack to fuel overnight recovery & growth.


  • 25g slow-digesting protein
  • Sustained muscle support
  • Accelerates nighttime recovery
  • Aid weight loss