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Vegan protein powder is a delicate balance between effectiveness, quality, taste, texture, and mixability. Most plant proteins are incomplete - they lack one or more essential amino acids (EAAs), thereby requiring you to combine multiple forms. This creates another problem -- most plant proteins are gritty and taste more like slightly sweet dirt, than a creamy, rich shake.


  • 20g Complete Plant Protein
  • Creamy & Delicious
  • Prebiotic Fiber & Greens
  • Easy Mixing
  • Plant-Fueled Muscle Recovery & Growth
  • Supports Increased Athletic Performance
  • Nourishes Hair, Skin & Nails
  • Aids Weight Loss & Body Recomposition Goals

50/50 Formula-V solves these problems by tapping two of nature’s most potent plant proteins. Our gourmet blend of 50% CP-Pro 70 Chickpea Protein + 50% Pea Protein. These two plant proteins, each, supply the full complement of EAAs, and offer high bioavailability. To further improve the nourishing and recovery benefits of 50/50 Formula-V, we’ve included a full clinically-researched dose of the protein accelerator -- Velositol.

Every serving delivers 20g of the smoothest, richest, best-tasting plant based protein powder in the world reinforced with prebiotic fiber and greens. Quite simply, 50/50 Formula-V is the perfect plant protein!